Talent Management Consulting

A comprehensive and structured talent plan that aligns with overall business strategy is crucial to ensuring objectives are met and all opportunities are maximised. Carrera's talent management consulting division focuses on solutions that deliver meaningful results to productivity and performance - delivering measurable value and ROI.

Our personalised and customised approach typically begins with a discovery session where we get to know your business, opportunities & challenges, strategic objectives and current talent strategy and systems. 

We design a solution specifically to meet your needs now and into the future targeting the most critical needs relating to talent attraction, engagement and development. Our approach is a long-term one - we are there to support, guide and consult throughout the journey and provide innovative and strategic solutions that optimise the performance of your talent.

Our unique diagnostic tool ensures we customise a solution specific to your needs.

Behavioural Profiling

We use the most reliable assessments to understand core strengths, development needs and fit to role throughout our recruitment and development programs.

Sales Capability Development

Customised assessment and workshop programs focused on behavioural and competency development for sales  teams.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs based on driving leadership, culture and behaviours which generate success in your business.

Organisational Structure & Design

Strategy planning to ensure you have the right people in the right roles to meet your critical objectives

Early Engagement & Connection 

Targeted surveys designed to influence early engagement and ongoing connection of individuals and teams

Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Understand the critical issues and opportunities facing your employees and customers.

Interview Training Workshops

Interview skills training workshops specifically for Line Managers - giving them the confidence to attract and select the right people for their teams.

Culture Development Workshops

Defining and embedding culture, vision and values through focus groups and executive workshops 

DiSC Profiling & Workshops

Build communication and cohesion within teams and with customers through understanding natural style and how to adjust.