Effective Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Client – Australian Owned Consumer Goods & Retail Services Provider


Our client – an Australian owned consumer goods and retail services provider – had a team of new and emerging managers who had a lot of enthusiasm and desire to succeed but required support to gain the confidence and competencies required to coach and develop their teams to meet individual and team objectives. Carrera designed a program to address this need with a combination of individual and team development and customisation to ensure the content was specific to their needs.


The program commenced with behavioural profiling of each individual. Participants completed an online behavioural profiling exercise that identified innate behavioural traits against a profile of required traits for their role. Detailed debriefs with participants and their line managers unlocked self-awareness around natural leadership style, strengths and areas of low-confidence and development potential. Participants were able to identify 2 -3 development goals or objectives and commence thinking around actions and activities required to achieve these goals.

Following was a full-day workshop that brought the participants together to examine the link between their behavioural style and the competencies required of a coach and leader within their business. They discussed and workshopped how to drive competency development through building skill and adapting behavioural style. This learning was then put into action with participants building case studies within the workshop around constructing SMART goals and GROW questioning for their team members.

Follow up one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our consultants ensured the participants put their learning into action in the field with their team members and continued to develop their potential as coaches.


This program drove multiple meaningful developments for both participants and the team as a whole:

  • Due to the profile and debrief results, along with supporting actions observed by senior leaders, one member of the cohort was promoted into a leadership role with a development plan designed to expedite his move into a bigger role

  • All participants acknowledged gaining significant self-awareness through the assessment and debrief process with many ‘a-ha’ moments creating opportunity for immediate change in behaviours and confidence levels

  • Communication and cohesion within the cohort increased dramatically with several senior team members taking on mentoring roles with more junior colleagues and sharing learnings both in the workshop and later in the field

  • Levels of engagement and retention amongst team members of the participants increased by 35% as they experienced the benefits of improved coaching and goal setting from their managers

  • Several of the participants were able to execute strong coaching plans within their team which resulted in them appointing 2ICs that were able to step up into roles supporting the managers and taking on greater responsibility with mentoring junior team members