• Debbie Rakhit

How to align your employee wants with your business needs.

Carrera, People and Performance Consultants

In the last 2 years the global pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work; a change that cannot, or should not, be completely undone. Both employers and employees have experienced the many benefits of working from home and while many employers now are encouraging their employees come back to the office, employees are often reluctant to give up the benefits of remote working.

A hybrid working model is the preferred outcome for most however businesses must ensure objectives are met, so are tasked with the challenge of creating a system or policy that delivers on business needs while allowing for a level of flexibility. Getting a clear sense of what employees prioritise, how they feel about coming back to the office and what is going to motivate them is critical to creating a successful hybrid working model.

Carrera's Employee Pulse Survey is an efficient way to get accurate, timely and comprehensive feedback on how employees are feeling about returning to the office and their priorities when considering a hybrid working model. The Employee Pulse Survey platform provides detailed reporting that can be segmented to get insights into different demographic segments / cohorts within the business, if required.

Knowing their feedback has been considered, employees are more likely to embrace and engage with policies that support the business needs as they return to an office environment. Employee Pulse Surveys can be run regularly to seek any change in perceptions, motivations and engagement levels and provides an eNPS* that when tracked regularly is a critical barometer for measuring how employees are feeling about your company.

Understanding and acknowledging how employees are feeling along with a well communicated plan will ensure the best chance of building a hybrid working model that maintains a level of flexibility while driving culture, collaboration and business outcomes.

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*employee Net Promoter Score

eNPS – aka employee Net Promoter Score, or Employee NPS – is a way of measuring how your employees feel about your company. It's based on Net Promoter Score, which is a measurement of customer loyalty that was pioneered by Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld to measure customer experience.