• Debbie Rakhit

Singing in the rain...

With the news that La Nina is set to make our east coast summer a bit of a soggy one, many of us will be thanking our lucky stars we can continue to work from home.

However, "coming back to the office has some significant benefits for employees—not just employers. Chief among these is community and getting back to your people...The opportunity to return to the office doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing prospect. Some continued work from home will be a positive outcome...but don’t underestimate what you’ll gain by coming back—and by giving back to your community".

Are you happy to be going back to the office? Perhaps you are already back. If you are an employer, how have you communicated the return, and has there been much push back from employees wanting to remain at home?

We are off to find our gum boots and go splash in some puddles - if you can't beat the rain, may as well have fun in it!