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Susie Vaalele
Talent Partner
0400 627 978


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My role at Carrera is Talent Partner. I spend my days connecting with candidates and job seekers, understanding their wants, needs and experiences. I collaborate with them and our consulting team to ensure candidates are matched with the career opportunities that are the best fit for each individual. I love coming to work every day – no two days are ever the same. I get great satisfaction from talking to all of our talented candidates and getting to know them.

I joined Carrera in 2013 after several years working in research and candidate management in the recruitment industry. I am an energetic people-person and love the vibe at Carrera. We are a tenacious and driven team who genuinely care about each other and everyone we work with. I enjoy following the careers of the candidates I work with and seeing them succeed in securing their dream jobs - with a little help from us!

Originally from New Zealand’s deep south, I am a health and fitness addict and a fashion junkie! I love the fact that everyone at Carrera comes from different backgrounds and has different interests but we are united by our passion for what we do and satisfaction we get from exceeding the expectations of everyone we meet. I am excited for the future as Carrera continues to evolve and present new opportunities to learn and grow and make a difference.